My Bangla Typography Work

My Bangla Typography work (lettering)

Bangla lettering, one of my favorite sector. From the very beginning of my university life i just fall in love with this.

We have several courses like typography, calligraphy, creative typography etc.

I did a lot of Bangla lettering and calligraphy and also developing a Bangla font.

Nowadays wearing a t-shirt based on Bangla lettering and calligraphy is more popular than before. As i am working as a lettering artist i did several project for several t-shirt businesses. From those the next one is my favorite one 

Tumi amar bayanno tash 

This design came from popular Bangla song "Tumi amar bayanno tash"  Singer : Bappa Mazumder. Here i used some pattern from playing cards and as its a love song and dedicated to her so i used queen shape and place lettering with a perfect composition. (c) Adar bepari 

Next one is another one thats simple but i just love it. This design based on Chirkut Band sond "Jadur Sohor". 

Ei Sohor Jadur Sohor

This design our capital Dhaka city. I used illustrator brush for lettering and create some doodle that represent the essence of a city.

Next one came from singer Sonjib Chowdhury's song "Ricshwa keno aste chole na". I used rickshaw a popular vehicle of dhaka and choose color that will make tshirt more attaractive.

Ricshwa keno aste chole na

Next one is my personal work . And was my academic work.

Jodi to dak shune kew na ashe 

This is just a compact lettering. And this sentence came from our poet Rabindranath Thakur.

Last one is a personal project. In this project i focus on our most memorable time childhood. In this lettering i used a silhouette vector image of a child carrying a cycle and this lettering came from Bangla song Amar ei poth cholatei anonodo.

Hope you like my lettering works.

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Thank You .

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