How to add Vector Grunge Texture Effects | Adobe Illustrator Tips and Tricks

How to add Vector Grunge Texture Effects | Adobe Illustrator Tips and Tricks

Vector grunge texture makes your design more aesthetic and eye soothing. Grunge texture vectors can dynamically change the design atmosphere. If you add vector grunge texture to your text it creates a vintage look. Many designers around the world use this texture to create a different look in their projects.
In this article, I described how easily you can add grunge texture effects to your project. 


Go to freepik and search vector grunge texture. And download vector grunge texture files. You can download more than one texture and open those files in adobe illustrator.


Ungroup your downloaded vector grunge texture file and prepare your texture as you want. (You can delete some parts or add) After preparing your texture file make a copy of that by Ctrl+C on the keyboard.

Prepare your design and make them in a group by ctrl+G on the keyboard. (for better understanding see the underneath image)


Select your design file and go to the Transparency tab. If you don't find it go to the windows menu of illustrator then you can select the transparency tab easily. 

After that in the transparency tab, unchecks the Clip and inverted Mask option by selecting the white portion of the tab.

Then press Ctrl+V to paste the grunge effects.

You are done !! Now adjust the texture effects as you wish. You can add more texture to the process by just copying texture from another vector file and selecting the white portion of the transparency tab and pasting it.

If You don't understand any parts of this blog, you can check also my youtube video on that topic.

Thank You.

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